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  Sep 11, 2018   admin

Radiance 2018 - Illuminating The Strength Within:

It has been created to burst through the stigma of negativity and show what it truly means to recognise the strength that lies inside of you.

As women we put limitations on ourselves that can affect fulfilment in daily life at home and in our working life. We will be delivering the tools to purely enable women to be the best version of themselves and begin to support each other to create a community of strength.

  • When: 21st September 2018, 9am – 2pm
  • Where: Pullman Reef Hotel Casino

Julie-ann Lambourne of enViZion Group Inc is a woman that has experienced many challenges in her life, she has risen not just to overcome them but to be able to use that experience to mobilise others.
In her presentation ‘From The Bar Stool to The Board Room’ she takes you on the journey from rock bottom to CEO.

The Day

8:15am doors open for registration – networking and trade tables.
9am – Opening and introduction by Lesley Van Staveren – Unearth your voice and shape your mind
9:15am – Queensland Country Credit Union guest speaker
9:30am Presenter panel session
9:45am Kristy Vallely - Prime Beliefs And How They Impact Our Lives
10:20am – Break
10:35am Emma Gelling – The 8 Year Gap
11:10 – Raffle
11:20 - Brunch
11:50am – Jojo Barnes – Wake Up To Yourself
12:25pm Julie-ann Lambourne – From The Bar Stool To The Boardroom
1:00pm ‘Compassionate Woman Campaign’ Prize Draw Donated by “The Joy Sprinkler’ (see ‘The Social Effect’s Facebook page for details)
1:10pm – Open Forum
1:40pm feature performance
2pm close