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Thelma's Story

After a marriage breakdown, Thelma Fauid found herself without a job and struggling financially. Feeling overwhelmed by the problems in her life she felt she would never be able to break through the barriers that were always present. Then one day she walked through the doors of enVizion - and everything changed.

Thelma faced multiple complex challenges to participating in education, employment and community life including learning disabilities, lack of self-discipline and awareness, financial pressure and family problems.

With the help of staff at enVizion and their expert guidance in identifying barriers to training and employment, Thelma enrolled in the FFF Program which is a Course in Core Skills for Employment and Training - Numeracy Basic. After successfully completing this program, she continued on to complete a Certificate II in Hospitality at enVizion.

But the journey Thelma had embarked on was not an easy one. Her old life was still casting shadows. Initially, Thelma was disruptive in class, fell asleep, was late and frequently left the classroom setting to take personal telephone calls.

Then her car broke down. Living in an outer suburb of Cairns without hardly any public transport, Thelma had to rely on family and her trainer to get to class.

“I often thought about not completing the program due to life being so overwhelming and the barriers that were always in my way, but then I’d think about my classmates, my trainer and the other enVizion staff and get back to work.”

With enVizion’s staff dedication to encouraging Thelma to achieve her dreams, Thelma pushed through to complete her work placement in the housekeeping department at Cairns Colonial Club. At the time Thelma thought that housekeeping was her only possible level of employment.

But things were changing for Thelma in ways she could not have dreamed of. During the 20-week program, as Thelma’s progress and dedication to training developed, so did her confidence. In such a short period, Thelma went from class misfit to class mentor.

Thelma believed that it was the "never give up" attitude from her trainer and the approachability of staff at enVizion that empowered her on her journey. She knew she would always be welcomed at enVizion and that the staff were always there to help and guide her.

With the support of enVizion’s program manager Thelma went on to successfully apply for a housekeeping job with Rio Tinto. Since commencing, Thelma’s drive and commitment has been astounding as she took on extra shifts, filling in wherever needed and mentoring others in her work environment to keep them motivated and focused.

With the help of enVizion, Thelma now has the confidence to dare to dream.

She has now gone on to apply for a position as a Truck Driver with Rio Tinto and has bigger goals in her professional and personal life than she could have ever imagined.

Thelma said, “Without the enVizion staff and her trainer, I would not be where I am today.”