enVizion’s CMAP is to provide an understanding of the cultural tradition of past and present. This is done uniquely by using local traditional owners and elders combined with modern education, learning and industry requirements.

CMAP is designed to develop the knowledge and understanding required to work in harmony with Aboriginal and Torres Strait people and communities, organisations and work colleagues.

MAP will empower participants with knowledge and skills needed to work alongside employers, employees, work colleagues and Indigenous community members and also providing ongoing support and assistance

Delivery content can include:

Welcome to country:

  • Why this is important
  • How this should be done and by whom
  • Inclusive: Government and Groups

State Library Statics:

  • Native title
  • History back 120,000 years
  • The Kinship System
  • Information around Sorry Business
  • Advanced communication skills

Stereo typing /opinions

  • Family Journey’s and connections
  • Transient Population
  • Health and Homelessness
  • Community Groups: (5 groups) Regional, Semi Traditional / Rural / Regional /Urban

Traditional Guest Speakers:

  • Traditional owners: x 1
  • Torres Strait Islander Elder x 1