From The Bar Stool To The Board Room - Radiance 2018 Recap.

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  Nov 8, 2018   admin

enVizion’s CEO, Julie-ann Lambourne was invited be a speaker at the Cairns Post Radiance Conference 2018 with the theme of ‘Illuminating the Strength Within’; a conference created by women for women.

When I was first approached by Lesley Van Staveren, Founder, FNQ Plastics about this conference and being a speaker, I was like ‘sure, too easy’. Humbled to be asked but I didn’t actually put a lot of thought into it. As time progressed, I listened to Lesley’s vision and input from the other wonderful speakers, I thought, this is not what I expected. Radiance is about personal stories, challenges and more importantly for me, about overcoming.

My story is raw; it challenges; it radiates emotions, but more importantly, it clearly shows that through all adversities there are lights at the end of all tunnels.

The title ‘From the Bar Stool to the Board Room’ is a true depiction of a life of turmoil through addictions and trauma, to a life of working in business and boardrooms.

I couldn’t haven’t envisaged what the conference would entail or the outputs it gave. The speakers including Lesley Van Staveren – Unearth your voice and shape your mind, Kristy Vallely – Prime Beliefs and How they impact our lives, Emma Gelling – The eight-year gap, and Jojo Barnes – Wake up to yourself.

A big congratulations to all the speakers and their inspirations and especially a big thank you to Lesley Van Staveren for wanting to create something different and unique. You truly are an inspiration in wanting to create – The Social Effect.