Behind the scenes June/July

  Jul 2, 2018   admin

July birthdays.

Wishing everyone a very happy birthday.

Corinne Salier - 06/07/18

Sven Warner - 09/07/18

Sharon Thomas - 13/07/18

Carmel Hudson - 19/07/18

Paul Tomsana - 23/07/18

Tyson Muir - 29/07/18

Public Holidays

Friday 20th of July is the Cairns Show Public holiday. enVizion will be closed.

VRE Travels with Kara and Vicki

We've had an exciting month for the Virtual Reality Experience team. While Olly and the virtual team were away travelling through South East Queensland, Vicki and myself were also on a days road trip to the chilly town, Atherton. We attended the Atherton High School Careers Expo & enjoyed showcasing our Virtual Reality Experience Project. The students found our project interesting and awesome.