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  Apr 19, 2018   admin


Above: David and Mahuta.

Our Entrepreneurs of the future program joins guest speakers from established local businesses with those keen to grow and develop skills for their own business futures.

Having Guest Speakers from established local business operators has been invaluable with assisting the Entrepreneurs with identifying their target market and how to effectively promote their services.

David is a Media Content Creator who plans to market a range of IT services to individuals and micro-business owners. Other services include Software and Virus Removal, Office 365 Setup, Email Management, Program Debugging and Factory Resets.

Student, Edrick - a singer and guitar player who has successfully recorded music. He will continue collaborating musically with other artists while developing his clothing range. Edrick’s ultimate goal is to establish his own recording studio in Cairns.

Student, Mahuta- a born performer who sings, writes songs and plays guitar. He is always singing a tune and is inspired by the old greats of yesteryear such as Elvis Presley as well as a number of current bands hailing from around the world. Mahuta is working towards establishing his music career and sees opportunity in being a Master of Ceremony in conjunction with performing at local events and recording his first album.

Below: Edrick and David