enVizion takes out Business Technology Excellence Awards at Cairns Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

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  Jun 28, 2018   admin

Anticipation was running high at enVizion in the lead-up to the Cairns Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards with nominations in the Indigenous Business, Community Service and Business Technology categories, held a gala dinner on Saturday 16 June 2018. Peter Lenoy, Chairperson of the enVizion board, received the Business Technology Award on behalf of the enVizion team.

enVizion has developed an international reputation in the use of digital technologies to assist disadvantaged individuals and groups to see beyond limitations and realise their potential, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people, those with physical or mental disabilities, addictions and long-term unemployed people.

Julie-ann Lambourne, CEO was introduced to advanced technology in 2014 and immediately grasped the potential for it to play an important part in identifying people’s potential education and employment pathways. enVizion utilise multiple technologies to assess, educate and inspire disadvantaged people to achieve their goals and dreams including psychological assessment tools, digital literacy training, virtual reality education tools and a digital language program to rapidly improve English literacy. Learner progress is tracked through the Podio database allowing for real-time access to information that can be used to fine-tune programs and monitor the performance of every learner to ensure no one is falling behind.

A primary focus for enVizion is providing the opportunity to experience Virtual Reality (VR) technology and implement the learnings towards a conscious awareness of decisions and consequences through programs that include virtual scenarios that are complemented by discussion, training and review.

The Virtual Reality Experience (VRE) inspires people to think outside of their current situation by showing real people in real positions in emerging industries. The VRE which has been experienced by diverse audiences from urban to remote schools and workplaces, correction centres and councils has reached more than 7,500 people, inspiring participants to explore employment opportunities they may not have considered previously.

The enVizion VRE project is designed to ensure that people are well prepared to participate in training effectively, community and employment opportunities, and provide career pathway information too often hard to reach disadvantaged people in urban, rural and remote Northern Australia. enVizion recognises that emerging technologies can be harnessed for positive or negative outcomes and are working with some of the world’s leading tech innovators to ensure the positive application of technologies is at the forefront of tech development globally.

Peter Lenoy, Chairperson of the enVizion board accepts the award on our behalf.

Image credit: Cairns Post.