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  Oct 17, 2018   admin

"It's a miracle!"

"I can't believe I'm really driving this thing!"

"Whoa, here comes a train...", "It's like, real!

Yes, it is like real...really."

How can a highly remote Australian school of 160 pupils take 40 students a day on a field trip to five different workplaces in just four days? And at the cost of only $50 per student, without even leaving the school?

Answer: A combination of Simple Ideas and Smart Technology - bringing new possibilities. 
As part of its range of Cairns-based training and social engagement programs, enVizion Group Inc. have been driving a unique Australia wide project for three years. With the inclusion of a purpose built 4x4 virtual classroom, two trained and experienced staff and an impressive array of cutting-edge technology, enVizion's mobile virtual reality project has captured the imagination and enthusiasm of thousands of school-age students and mature aged job seekers alike, in exploring real-life job opportunities.

When a young student from Central Australia emerges from under a pair virtual reality goggles fully loaded with the latest Samsung Galaxy phone device, and is told that many people from Sydney and Hong Kong have not had a go at virtual reality, they are as chuffed as they are excited about the experience.
 The student and his out-of-the-way brothers and sisters have been brought to the forefront of contemporary technology.

The teachers across all schools have shown immense praise and gratitude. Their students have new interests in the industries of, building, mining, health and agriculture as a result of their newfound awareness of the world of work.
 It's real! And the founders and funders of this brilliant concept deserve acknowledgement for developing such a valuable and informative educational tool for those who often miss out.

Check out Olly's current road trip and get in touch if we're coming to a place near you.

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