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  Jun 28, 2018   admin

Julie-ann Lambourne, CEO of enVizion received her Masters of Business Administration through the Australian Institute of Business graduation ceremony held in Adelaide on Friday 15 June 2018. Julie-ann knocked over her MBA in 12 months which is a long way to come from the disengaged 14-year-old girl who dropped out of school not completing Year 10.

“Undertaking a Masters in Business Administration was quite a challenge, requiring focus and commitment and I couldn’t have completed it without the support of my husband Peter, my children and the enVizion team,” Julie-ann said.

Michael Van De Wiel, the ‎Founder and Managing Director of ‎Quo Vadis Management Consulting Pty Ltd who is also a Business Angel mentored Julie-ann throughout the year providing additional guidance and support.

A requirement for completion of the MBA is for participants to undertake a project and Julie-ann chose to focus on Strategic Human Resource Management in Staff Retention, which developed her skills in people management strategies.

“The MBA has given me a higher level of business acumen and knowledge which I have been able to embed into the running of enVizion – I know this has made me a better CEO, manager and business strategist and will continue to influence my work into the future.

Now everyone at enVizion is waiting for the day when we can call her Dr Lambourne.