Programs Update October/November

  Nov 8, 2018   admin

Our participants this month experience a outdoor learning activity, which involved the Hospitality, Community services and EOFT programs. The teams were blended with a mix of students from each of the different programs we have at enVizion.

The day started with the participants selecting a team name and leader along with their colours, a short commute to the cruise liner terminal, where participants were given handouts and instructions for their team to complete, the information challenge set up for the day.

The challenge saw them embrace team-work, effective communication, leadership and cognitive styles of learning as they had multiple tasks to address.

Some these task included getting outside of their comfort zone as they were asked to find a tourist, ask questions and take a selfie with them in front of the 5 big fish.

The challenge saw them interrupting clues to gather information from the cruise terminal to the pirate ship and back to the BBQs in front of the RSL, where they were greeted with a sausage sizzle and cold drinks.

The first team back was Kallen, Mark and Samuel and upon checking their score sheet were the subsequent winners.

The outcome of this activity embraces the point of difference in our delivery to diverse groups of people, with a positive effect which we have seen a more inclusive learning environment for all participants that took part.