enVizion believes that effective mentoring is the cornerstone to all our programs and is essential for completion and retention into employment. enVizion carefully selects Mentors to work with participants in each program. The Mentors work with individuals, their families and communities on a 24 hour x 7 days a week basis.

Employers engaged in our programs are encouraged to engage with Mentors post the commencement of participants’ employment. According to the individual employee and the employment environment, this does not necessarily need to be a long-term engagement but rather a transitionary process.

Mentoring for your Business or Program – enVizion is able to providing mentoring to staff and/or program participants that will be targeted for your specific need. The selection of an appropriate mentor is critical.

Where a program is targeted at members from a specific community, it is always preferable that a Mentor is selected from that same community. enVizion determines suitability independently of the views and opinions of influential community members. The Mentor must meet strict requirements related to behaviours within the community, criminal records, alcohol/drug/substance use, employment history and overall recognised standing within the community. Where a suitable community representative cannot be identified, then enVizion will select someone from outside the community.

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