Reclaim Youth

Reclaim Youth Project is one of the new programs for enVizion in 2017.

Providing Youth ‘at risk’ with an Arts-related, Technology savvy, Culturally premised program, Reclaim will assist Youth aged between 15-19 to complete an exciting and motivating program for them to either gain employment, seek further training, or return to education.

Reclaim Partners, Corrective Service, Abriculture, ATOD’s, YETI, Police Liaison Officers, Stingray Boxing, Amaroo Elders, Youth Justice, Northern Outlook, as well as special guest speakers, are all helping to positively influence the lives of our Young people in the Cairns community.

Working with Mentor Marilyn Miller the Youth will be taken through a varied and diverse range of activities, to help identify goals and ‘how to’ pursue their goals and aspirations.

Learning through Culture will underpin the activities to help reignite, restore, rebuild their Respect for Place, Respect for Culture, Respect for Self, whilst a platform of life skills will be gained throughout the project in order to receive a Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways at their Graduation on completion of the program.

Reclaim will take classroom based learning out into the field with visits to significant areas making learning of, and about, traditional ways and relating these to today’s world.

Family involvement is very important to the Reclaim Project. We will include families in many activities with our Reclaim team.

We are working together with community, organisations and businesses to ensure, our Leaders of Tomorrow are equipped with the necessary skills, tools, and behaviours to pursue their future paths.

This is our aim with Reclaim.