enVizion’s Virtual Reality Experience Project (VREP) provides a safe, state of the art mobile facility which can be taken to all areas across Australia including remote locations delivering cutting edge virtual reality experience; this is inclusive of digital motivational and informative themes.


The goal is for users to experience motivational messages to assist them in chosing employment pathways. The messages from the story tellers in the VR is about overcoming barriers; provide an overview of the employment opportunities; making the change and succeeding.

The technology is a new way of learning and engaging diverse groups of people in an engaging and interactive way.

The VREP includes five different themes to produce a ‘real view’ of working in the identified employment area. This areas include Mining, Agriculture, Health, Aquaponics and Construction.

After viewing the themes each person will be given the opportunity to discuss the experience with the Real Life Guides

In return the guides will provide guidance related to social, educational, employment and career possibilities.

A User Focus Report will be generated using the virtual reality technology for each person.

  • Critically, it provides an opportunity for people in significantly disadvantaged communities to participate in cutting-edge training and learning experiences that will enable them to;
  • Learn effectively regardless of previous levels of education; Language, Literacy & Numeracy.
  • Provide detailed evidence of participants level of competency
  • Encourage higher levels of participation, by the very nature of the delivery methodology.
  • Address learning and training across a wide range of ages and experience.
  • Provide connectivity between regional/remote communities and advanced technologies, giving an understanding of where technology trends are headed in the future and how the community can stay abreast of these developments and contribute to them.